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Need a Bouquet? Who said you NEED to have flowers?

For centuries, women have been walking down the aisle with a bunch of flowers clasped tight in their hands. It’s tradition, and it’s unheard of to break it. Or - is it? With millions of weddings held worldwide a year, and hundreds of thousands in the UK, brides everywhere are searching for ways to stand out. In fact, it’s becoming somewhat of a fear for brides to have a wedding that’s “just like any other.” Engaged couples are trying everything to ensure their weddings stand out, from unique themes to original dress designs, and more. But - what about bouquets?

Brooch Bouquet UK is putting an original spin on the traditional bridal bouquet. Established in 2019, Brooch Bouquet is setting a new trend in the UK wedding industry by helping brides stand out in the most exquisite way possible. Brooch Bouquet UK was born out of inspiration after seeing the concept of brooch bouquets take flight in the U.S. and Asia. The team were startled that this international trend hadn’t reached the UK yet, and they were immediately determined to rectify the situation immediately.

Brooch Bouquet UK has a diverse range of vintage bouquets for sale, at incredibly affordable prices when you look at the quality you’re getting. There’s a style for every bride and a price for every budget. Each stunning bouquet is lovingly handmade in the UK, meaning no two brooch bouquets will ever be the same. Each creation is backed by exceptional workmanship and a passion for luxurious fashion items. You can take your pick from:




Each magnificent bouquet is bursting with unbelievable attention to detail, packed with delicately-placed pearls, ‘diamonds,’ netting, lace, florals, jewels, ribbon, and more. Each brooch comes in a different size and colour, making your bouquet 100% unique. The minds behind Brooch Bouquet UK believe that every little details makes an impact, and that brooch bouquets are a more functional option to invest in.

What brides love most about Brooch Bouquet UK is that they can customise bouquets according to your liking. Short on time? Pick one of their ready-to-ship bouquets from the online catalogue. It’s fast and easy, and your purchase is 100% secure.

Why be like every other bride when standing out is so easy? Fresh flowers aren’t cheap - and they don’t last. While flowers last no more than a few days, brooch bouquets last forever and will never wither or die. It’s also safe to say that a lot of ladies just aren’t “flower people,” and if you’re one of them, you shouldn’t be forced to carry flowers.

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